Knaack 139-SK-03 Model 139-SK-03 Safety Kage™ Cabinet, 59.4 cu ft

Sale price$ 2,985.00


• Secure Fall Protection Storage – Provides safe and secure storage in the tool cabinet for all forms of fall protection equipment*
• Industry's first, interchangeable doors for this cabinet allows quick swap of the doors with different configuration and function to optimize this Safety Kage for your specific job need
• Designed for maximizing storage of your fall protection equipment, equipped with 24 welded hooks on both compartments for hanging, organizing, and safely storing all types of fall protection equipment.
• A new 3 point latching lock system allows for elimination of the center post, provides full unblocked access to the content, and eilimnate chance of fall protection equipment getting caught in lock mechanism
• A new latching handle allows for simplified operation and provides full compatibility with wide variety of pad locks
• This model is equipped with ventilated doors to provide air circulation for fall protection equipment while providing protection against weather

The Model 139-SK-03 Safety Kage™ Cabinet is an industry first — a dedicated mobile fall protection equipment storage solution. Featuring vault hinges with interchangeable door design allows quick swap of doors with different functionalities for customizing this Safety Kage to meet your specific job or specific phase of job requirement and needs. Updated 3 point latch locking handle mechanism allows elimination of the center post, providing full access to the cabinet, and compatibility with wide variety of pad locks. Total of 24 welded hooks under the full length shelf, users can organize fall protection equipment safely and properly at jobsites. The ventilated doors come standard on this model and additional swappable doors available to purchase.

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