Knaack 118-M Mobile DataVault Box

Sale price$ 4,497.00


• (1) 32 in Monitor
• (4) Wheel Casters
• (1) UPS battery back-up power supply
• (1) Power Crew® 4 GFCI outlets
• (1) Power Strip
• (1) 4port USB hub
• (1) 2port USB switch
• (1) Wiring Harness
• (1) Junk Trunk Sliding Door

• Fits through a standard 28 in wide steel door frame
• Junk Trunk quick access drawer provides independent locking storage
• Powder-coat finish for superior durability and corrosion resistance
• Weighs 320 lbs when fully loaded with electronics
• Power Crew® in box power supply provides 4 GFCI outlets for safer in-box power.
• Includes UPS back-up power supply for at least 30 minutes of emergency power
• Connect, switch and charge mobile devices with a 4port USB hub and 2port USB switch

• Height: 48-1/4 in
• Width: 39-1/3 in
• Length: 26-7/8 in
• Shipping Weight: 320 lbs
• Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit: 29.39
• Lock System: WATCHMEN IV
• Open Height: 73-7/8 in
• Closed Height: 48-1/4 in
• Steel Thickness:16 Gauge (14 Gauge Floor)

A step above the traditional jobsite protection device, the 118-01 KNAACK® DataVault™ and 118-M KNAACK® DataVault™ are customized for professionals. The KNAACK® DataVault™ enables secure connectivity for all stakeholders directly to the worksite, empowering productivity and maximizing ROI of technology investments. With technology best suited to improve business efficiency, KNAACK® DataVault's customized interior arrives on the job ready for use. It is also supported with a nationwide, manufacture-certified support network to bring agile solutions. Check out our entire family of Field Stations below.

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