Knaack 139-SK-02 Model 139-SK-02 Safety Kage™ Cabinet, 59.4 cu ft

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• Secure Fall Protection Storage – Provides safe and secure storage in the tool cabinet for all forms of fall protection equipment*
• Designed for maximizing storage of your fall protection equipment, equipped with 32 main hooks on both compartments and addition 4 hooks inside of each doors for hanging, organizing, and safely storing all types of fall protection equipment.
• A full length welded top shelf provides ample storage area for hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, and other miscellenous safety gears
• Left and right doors with integrated vent for allowing air circulation inside of the storage unit
• Power Pass™ with grommeted shelving allows for power distribution on every shelf of the tool storage cabinet
• 16g solid steel panels allow for protection of metal tool cabinet's contents from harsh weather, yet provide ventilation

The Model 139-SK-02 Safety Kage™ Cabinet is an industry first — a dedicated mobile fall protection equipment storage solution. The 139-SK-02 is a fall protection gear focused Safety Kage. With a total of 32 hooks, the most out of all the Safety Kages, users can maximize their fall protection storage to ensure all fall protection harnesses are properly stored. Additional integrated hooks on both doors, 4 on each side, allow for quick and easy access. The ventilated doors come standard for air circulation to keep contents dry inside of the Safety Kage.

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